Feed Mills

Grain storage facility in Buraidah, Arabia

The world’s biggest camel hospital has been inaugurated in the Saudi Arabian city of Buraidah, in Qa...

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Feed mill expansion, Salamanca

Installation of a seed and granulate production line.

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Feed mill expansion in Palencia, Spain

Installation of a seed production line.

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Feed factory extension in Caminreal, Teruel (Spain...

Extension and adaptation of a feed factory.

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Poultry feed processing plant in Talca, Chile

Installation of a feed production line for laying hens.

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Pig feed mill in Castuera (Badajoz), Spain

Installation of a pig feed production line.

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Premix Factories

Premix factory extension in Toledo, Spain

Extension and adaptation of a premix factory.

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Premix factory in Toledo, Spain

Installation of a premix feed production line for poultry, porcine, ovine and bovine.

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