Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors

Our belt conveyors stand out for the best relation between tn/h of transporting and power. They are also as well ideal for the handling and conveying of delicate products. And they generate a minimum level of noise during the operation.


The level of performance and the length that can be reached with this type of machine are virtually unlimited. The calculation method guarantees always the desired capacity.


Simple design and high quality components, guarantee the high level of reliability of our equipment.


Protections systems, such as drive units and tightening sections are located at key points to avoid material getting trapped. The installation of safety elements required by specific regulations is possible.

Flexibility and Modularity.

Multiple inlets are possible. For intermediate unloading points a tripper is provided. The design is conceived to meet speed needs and future requirements


The excellent galvanization of the sheet (450 gr/m2) assures a maximum degree of atmospheric resistance. The option of specialpainting is available.


Not all products and facilities are the same, that is why we adapt our machinery to the customer needs. We can install rollers, belts and special devices depending on your products. The rollers go from the light range, the middle one up to the semi-heavy one, like conveying and handling equipment for quarries. The variety of the conveyor belts in virtually unlimited too.

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