Chain conveyors

Chain conveyors


MGN offers a wide range of chain conveyors for the reception and distribution of raw materials.

Main features of chain conveyors:

  • The MGN industrial grain conveyor is engineered to withstand the most demanding environments during grain handling operations.
  • The solid and robust design of the TCI Grain Conveyor provides years of reliable service. Made of S350GD galvanized steel sheet with Z-600 metal coating, the TCI Industrial Grain conveyor can operate efficiently with a wide range of grains, seeds, legumes and pellets.

Head section

  • Robust and clean finishes and a simple design are the main features of the TCI heads.
  • It features a new anti-accumulation system with a cleaner and simpler design that prevents material spillage in case of jam. It is equipped with a reaction arm – designed and manufactured by MGN – inspection windows and binding to the intermediate bodies by side strips, among other features.

Intermadiate sections

  • The new connection system between intermediate sections allows faster assembly and more rigid joints, allowing a length up to 3000 mm.
  • The intermediate sections come with high quality wear resistant material in the bottom as standard, although it can optionally be installed on the sides.

Tail section

  • All mechanical elements are fully protected thanks to its design.
  • Also, the chain return system ensures minimal maintenancewhile allowing the chain not to be so tight.
  • The rotation sensor comes as standard.
  • It features a chain shock absorber system, which ensures longer operating life of the chain and prevents its breakage.
  • The anti-accumulation system prevents grain residues remaining at the bottom of the tail section.

Models of chain conveyors


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