The control of dust and emissions, as well as the use of chemicals for the microbiological control of raw materials, are very important to ensure good hygiene conditions when receiving the raw material in the feed mill.

The filter sucks the air from the grinding process by an electric vacuum cleaner and introduces it to the filter bag system. The heavier particles fall by the effect of gravity in the hopper attached to the mill and filter, while the lightest particles are retained by adherence to the filter surface. The clean air passes through the fabric into the upper chamber and is pushed outside by the vacuum cleaner’s rotor.

Cleaning of the sleeves is done by injecting compressed air in the opposite direction to the flow, by automatic discharges periodically programmed and at the desired frequency.


Features of the filters:

Continuous-flow sleeve filter with sequential automatic cleaning by direct injection of compressed air, composed of:

  • Sleeves with their support cages and Venturi.
  • Electro-aspirator with an electric motor.
  • Support chassis.
  • Aspirator difuser inlet.
  • 24 v. Solenoid valves
  • Electronic trip sequencer.

Models of filters


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