The cells (or square silos) allow storage of 25% more product on the same surface area. They are recommended in feed mills and flour mills, since they are easy to assemble and have a system of eliminating dust that facilitates keeping them clean.

The modular system of the MGN cells allows great flexibility, so that the distribution of the cells can be made according to the needs of the client.


Features of the cells:

  • Constructed in special “ZIG-ZAG” formed plate at 60º of inclination, provided with cones and counter-cones.
  • Provided with support plates at the top of the pillar, gussets, etc.
  • Inspection gate manhole.
  • Pillars in the normal format of hot rolled steel grade A-42b, calculated to withstand weights, vertical forces, wind, snow and seismic movements depending on the location.
  • 3/5 mm thick standardised treadplate sheet roof.

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