Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators


Features of the bucket elevators:

  • The top is built in steel sheet.
  • Traction pulley for a better drag of the buckets belt. It is made of two layers of fabric with P.V.C. coating on both sides.
  • INA brand supports and bearings are used.
  • Walkway and safety handrails.
  • Access ladder to allow easy access to the top with safety rings.
  • The machine foot is built in sheet steel.
  • Inspection windows for cleaning works.
  • It is removable to facilitate repair in case of breakdown.
  • Buckets are made of electro welded steel plate with retaining screws, conical washer and self-locking nut.
  • Driven by a gear-motor, SIEMENS/FLENDER or NORD.
  • The body built in steel sheet.
  • Inspection window to allow repair in case of breakdown.
  • Cage type pulley, made of electro-welded steel rods to avoid the accumulation of products that could damage the belt.

Models of bucket elevators


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