Hammer mills

Hammer mills

MGN “AR” series hammer mills are especially suitable for milling.

Among their main features are that they regulate the speed of the milling, the degree of fineness and have easy to remove sieves for easy maintenance.

This machine is of robust construction, consisting of a grinding chamber, support chassis with a shelf for the engine and feeder, which forms a mono-block assembly.


Features of Hammer Mills:

  • Cylindrical grinding chamber, constructed from a perforated plate sheet or sieve, with multiple holes and an upper opening, through which the product to be ground is introduced from a feed tank located above the feeder.
  • The mill has a partial shutter that restricts the flow facilitating, due to the Ventury effect, both the product input and the intake performance in favour of the rotation of the hammers.
  • A floating rotor on ball bearings and SAMIFLEX elastic coupling.
  • 95 dB and 70 dB noise level at the foot of the machine and 70 dB in the control booth (measurements made in an AR-6/100 hp grinder with a RION NL-18 noise level calibrated according to Directive 89/336 / EEC. SMC, UNIVER Pneumatic operation).
  • The rotor is inside the grinding chamber, which holds the hammers that hit the grain against the sieve, transforming it into flour or feed.
  • The sieve is mounted by simply supporting its edges on circular guides in the lids, which close their ends with the grinding chamber, fixing said sieve through fastening devices.
  • An electric motor equipped with thermal probes that disconnect it in case of overheating.

Models of Hammer Mills


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