Paddle conveyors

Paddle conveyors


Features of the Paddle conveyors:

  • A U-section channel built in 3 mm sheet metal, in sections of two and three meters, bolted and flanged for compact connection with 60×10 mm plate.
  • It is equipped on the lateral tensors with a cleaning mechanism for impurities.
  • It is enclosed with a screwed, water tight, 2 mm cover.
  • Drive by SIEMENS/FLENDER or NORD geared motor directly mounted on the machine shaft.
  • Brackets and bearings are of the brand INA, FAC, RHP
  • Steel chains on guides are formed by longitudinal sheet, depth and width according to the conveyor dimensions.
  • Blades are made of white PT-50 nylon, dragged over the base of the channel.
  • There are shafts in the upper part for chain support, with nylon rollers.
  • It is dragged by a cog wheel suitable for the chain and rear driven wheel.

Models of Paddle conveyors


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