MGN mixers allow the homogeneous mixing of all elements and are available for capacities between 100 and 10,000 litres.

They are specially designed to provide long life to the components and to require minimal maintenance.


Features of Mixers:

  • A circular trough-track made of 4 mm steel plate sheet, electro-welded, with large filling and emptying gates and straight section for application of injectors for the incorporation of liquids.
  • In the MZ model, the mixture is made by two counter-current coils of robust construction, whereas in the MZP model the mixture is with 8 adjustable metal blades oriented at 120º, in which the time taken for the mixture is about half that of the MZ model. In both cases, the mixture is homogeneous at the determined time.
  • Quick-fill and longitudinal drainage dampers, with full opening or skimmers totally sealed to the dust outlet.
  • Working speed of 25 rpm transmitted by a geared motor to the shaft, this requires minimum maintenance and provides long life to its parts.
  • The steel shaft is sized according to UN/EN/ISO standards, supported on bearings at its ends where sets of presses are applied for total leak-tightness.
  • The frontal part of the machine is detachable and made of 10 mm thick steel plate.
  • Safety mechanism that prevents access to the interior of the trough-track while the motor continues to rotate, even if the interior is inaccessible in a normal assembly.
  • Noise level of 45dB at the foot of the machine (measurements taken in a mixer MZ-2000/C/12.5 hp with RION NL-18 Sound Level meter calibrated according to Directive 89/336 / EEC).

Models of Mixers


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