From Silo to Farm: Ensuring Quality in Feed Supply

From Silo to Farm: Ensuring Quality in Feed Supply

After meticulously completing the feed manufacturing process, the crucial moment of storage and distribution comes. This step is critical to ensure the quality and availability of feed on farms, as well as to maintain operational efficiency throughout the supply chain.

The different types of feed produced require proper and separate storage to maintain their integrity and avoid cross-contamination. This is where storage silos, designed specifically for this function, come into play. Each type of feed has its own assigned silo, ensuring accurate and organised product management.

The loading silos are the starting point for transporting the feed to the farms. Here, the feed is loaded onto specially equipped trucks, ready to take it to its final destination. Efficient loading and unloading, as well as proper management of product traceability, are critical aspects of this process.

Once en route, the trucks transport the feed to the farms, where it will be used to feed the animals. This transport is carried out with special attention to the safety and integrity of the product, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in optimal conditions.

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